'how you gon' win when you ain't right within?!..'


Loves me a free fee? Wait, what? I have to pay?

A little humor…Poor Ad placement, misspelled copy, and more!!

Marketing FAILS

Loves me a free fee? Wait, what? I have to pay?

A little humor…Poor Ad placement, misspelled copy, and more!!

Marketing FAILS

Kashmere Stage Band  LIVE @ Fizgerald’s Houston - April 12, 2013

From an Ember to a Flame to an Inferno. We are performing the music which made the Kashmere Stage Band the #1 stage band in the state of Texas and in the United States. Under the instructions of and teachings of Conrad O. Johnson, they traveled Europe and Japan taking 1st Place throughout Texas and the U.S. through the ‘60’s, 70’s , 80’s and 90’s. Now the members and pupils of Conrad in and effort to pass on this wonder of music as part of their everyday lives. Our efforts are to pass on to the children and showcase many of the original music and songs from this extraordinary man and his students.


Riff Raff Photos

Houston, TX -  03.21.13 -Lunaface Promotions x Creative Itch Media - The Jody Highroller Homecoming Show 

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Riff Raff’s return to Houston proved to be a spectacular show featuring some of Houston’s ‘underground’ heavyweights..  The crowd for this nearly sold out show began lining up outside of Fitz’s somewhere around 7 o’clock, and waited patiently to well after midnight  to see their hometown hero!! 

Check out some of the photos below courtesy of Jay Tovar..

Created with LOVE

Houston All-Star was one for the record books!! Day parties, Celeb parties, Pop Up parties, etc…, we could barely keep up, though somehow we managed to!

We got to check out Erykah Badu at Scott Gertner’s Sky Bar as she took to the turntables as DJ Low Down Loretta Brown. Although we enjoyed watching her do her thing on the ‘1’s & 2’s’ the true treat was when she took to the mic blessing us with her beautiful voice.

Under Armour had a day party which featured Anthony Hamilton, Common, and DJ’ing by Talib Kweli and J. Period, which was sponsored by Hennessey!

Talk about ‘pop ups’, sneaker brand PF Flyers collaborated with local lifestyle shop The Classroom to present a special in-store performance by Brooklyn MC Yasiin Bey bka Mos Def.  Mighty Mos took to the mic, while a store filled with hyper hip hop heads went nuts! 

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Justin Timberlake’s Return to the Stage…Love some JT!! (why does Beyonce always seem nervous when she’s speaking? )


Every now and then life presents a human being with skills so remarkable that leave you feeling like they MUST BE an alien! J Dilla was probably undeniably one of the most gifted Producers/beat makers that Hip Hop has EVER seen. On this day, February 7th, we would like to take the time out to salute him…

(told you we love Hip Hop)

What’s your favorite J Dilla track?

What is Graphic Designing?

Here’s an animation created by some Design Students that shed some light on the answer.  Sometimes as Artist we can be difficult to work with, though we believe it is the client that is being difficult…WE’RE Artists, and we are HIGHLY sensitive about our art and ideas because our creation is a process, and is inspired from extracting the garbaled mess in our heads. 

We <3 what we do, and we thank you, the client, for keeping us working!

It’s only right that we send out a BIG Happy Birthday to the legendary Robert Nesta Marley! It is from his name that our photography division Marley Images, derives.